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36.2 acres with 250-foot hill and stunning views in all directions just 15 miles from I-40 and the town of Seligman, AZ.

The hill on this property is a local high point and offers incredible views to the north and east, where the next closest highpoints are approximately 5 miles to the north and 9 miles to the east.

The hill occupies between two-thirds and three-quarters of the property, with a low-lying and generally buildable area occupying the remaining space in the southeastern corner of the lot.

The hill is rockier toward the apex and covered in a mix of vegetation that includes grasses, shrubs, and small trees.

The low-lying areas are relatively flat and also vegetated, most notably by many mature pinion pine trees 12 to 14 feet in height.

There is 1,400-feet of road frontage along the southern boundary of the property along West Moon Mountain Trail. There is 675 feet of road frontage along the eastern boundary on North Winona Silver Way.

Many of the surrounding property owners have developed their land, indicating that the area is generally suitable for building.

There is a single family home on the lot to the north of the property, with an accessory structure, and one or two steel shipping containers. There are two structures on the lot immediately to the east of the property.

In total, there are 7 to 10 homes or structures within 1 mile of the property, interconnected by well-maintained roads.

The property is within the Sierra Verde Ranch Property Owners Association, which provides two key services to property owners: it maintains and grades over 288 miles of access roads within the subdivision, and it operates two community wells for the private, domestic use of property owners.

There is no time limit to build. Building permits, issued by Yavapai County, are good for two years.

This area is rich in wildlife. According to Arizona Game & Fish, there are antelope, though the population rises and falls depending on precipitation levels. Black bears are not common but they do live in or travel through the area on a regular basis. In addition, there are plentiful elk, javelina, mule deer, and mountain lion.

Approximate Distance to Nearby Cities & Points of Interest
30 minutes to Seligman, AZ
54 minutes to the Grand Canyon Caverns
1 hour 3 minutes to Williams, AZ
1 hour 32 minutes to Kingman, AZ
1 hour 35 minutes to Flagstaff, AZ
1 hour 58 minutes to Diamond Creek Beach on the Colorado River
2 hours 5 minutes to Grand Canyon National Park

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Seligman, AZ

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Dirt Road



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35.1758, -112.9528



Residential (RCU-2A)



5,505 ft


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