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Gotta Get Away to .902 Acres of Natural Beauty

If you love trees, this is your spot!

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Ever feel like you’ve just Gotta Get Away? With this heavily treed property in a largely untouched part of Northern California, you’d be able to do just that! Secure a patch of pristine land to use for vacation, recreation, and investment.

There are a few things you should know right up front about this property. One is that, unlike a lot of other vacant land, there are power lines right at the front edge of this parcel. That means there’s a lower cost to developing the land for residential use and higher re-sale value should you decide to sell it later.

More important than proximity to power may be that this property is situated on Carlsberg Road, which is a gravel road, and is a short ride (2 miles) from California Pines Boulevard, which is paved. While the area is remote and rugged, you can still count on easy year-round access.

The land is also relatively level, which you can see for yourself in the pictures and video our drone pilot captured in October 2020, meaning immense flexibility if you’re have in mind a site-built or modular home. Note that, in this area, there is no time limit to build so you can buy now to build later!

While the area is zoned for residential use and there are a number of homes scattered throughout the California Pines Subdivision, this parcel would also be an ideal destination for long camping trips. The county permits recreational use for up to 30 days at a time! With an abundance of natural wonders and fantastic hunting in this part of the state, many property owners use their land as a springboard for outdoor adventure.

Whether you’re a full-timer or just in town for a little outdoor fun, nearby Alturas, the only incorporated city in the county, offers everything you might need to be comfortable. There’s groceries, gas, and other goods. There are restaurants and lodging. There’s even a municipal airport!

The beauty of Modoc County is legendary and its reflected in the landscape of this property with its many large and mature pines trees. Mule deer, pronghorn, wild horses, black bears, coyotes, and badgers roam through this area. Modoc Natural Forest is nearby, as is the Lava Beds National Monument dotted with over 800 caves and Native American rock art sites.

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Alturas, CA

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Gravel Road



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6,000 ft


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Document Fee

All transactions begin with the payment of a one-time $95 document preparation fee.

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$10/mo & $95/yr

Note & POA Dues

There is a $10/mo fee for owner financing purchases to offset the cost of servicing the note.

The California Pines Property Owners Association dues are $95/yr, which goes towards plowing and maintaining the roads in the subdivision, among other property owner benefits.


Property Taxes

If you decide to take advantage of the owner financing option, a portion of the estimated annual property taxes will be added to each monthly payment.